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Recycle it Forward!

Brett's Bicycle Recycle Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to recycling bicycles forward to underserved kids and adults in our Huntington New York community on beautiful Long Island!

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You are two remarkable women who are truly making a difference in the lives of our residents. What a beautiful thing to do to honor your brother’s memory. I am proud of your work and to know you.
— Joan Cergol - Huntington Councilwoman

I picked up a bike for an 8 year old from these amazing ladies. We are donating my husband’s bike to them. Thank you for filling a need!
— Judi Gardner

Featured Community Story

My son {about 2.5 years ago} was given a bike from this amazing nonprofit. Previously, I entered him in a community fundraiser contest that would gift a child a bike. His name wasn't drawn but he was so happy and cheered for the child who did. He than asked me for that year's Christmas for a bike with training wheels. To make a long story short, a group of ladies made it happen for my son. That is how I discovered this great organization. I wish I had a picture of my son who received his first bike. His face was priceless.

Marleny R. - Client Served

Well Marleny we captured that special moment!

Just want to commend you for your hard work and your heartfelt devotion to Brett’s Bicycle Recycle. You guys are amazing and an inspiration!
— Vicky & Valerie

Kudos on the good work that you do…making people happy & keeping them healthy!!!
— Angela & Michael Fiorillo

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