A Donation Meant To Remember and To Honor

From the very beginnings of our nonprofit we’ve received donations in memory of lost loved ones. Sometimes it’s a loved one’s bicycle and sometimes it’s a monetary donation. Whatever it is, we treat that special donation with the respect and honor it deserves. We want to make sure our loved ones are never forgotten. Yesterday we received a message from a friend in our Huntington community. We were so moved and so incredibly honored by her request.

This is what she wrote.

I want to make a donation to Brett’s Bicycle Recycle in memory of a teen who died many years ago in a car accident. His name is Seth Baumgartner. He was 18 when he died just weeks before starting college. His birthday was just a few days ago. His mom’s name is Roberta. I just want her to know he has not been forgotten. I know how she misses him with every breath. Seth was her only child too. I like to do something as my birthday comes along. It distracts me from the idea of aging but I realize that aging is a privilege. Doing something to remember Seth and honor Brett seemed like a good thing to do. 

Keep up the wonderful work!


Thank you for your donation 💙

Read this mom’s heartbreaking story here.

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PLEASE please read this! It is with a very full heart that I am sharing this incredible story of a beautiful friend who anonymously made a donation to remember Seth. These people at Brett’s Bicycle Recycle do such an amazing thing, providing bikes 🚲 for underserved children right here in our neighborhoods. How they do it is something amazing that, I have to say, Seth would’ve definitely been excited about. I KNOW he would have found a way to get his friends to all help out. Thank you to my lovely anonymous donor! And thank all of my friends in advance...I suspect I know wonderful people who will want to help this charity help kids!
— Roberta Teer

Recycle It Forward!


Lisa & I at Brett’s Bicycle Recycle have discovered that so many caring people really want to give back to their community especially when it comes to a cause that touches their hearts. People want to make an impact. People want to make a difference in their community. They want to make connections with people, make new friends and they want to strengthen or improve their communities. A stronger community is a safer and healthier community. During the two years that we’ve been collecting bicycles, we realized that some people really aren’t sure of all the different ways that they can recycle it forward to our nonprofit. Here are some ways you can contribute and really make a positive difference in someone’s life.


When you clean out your garage think of us and donate your no longer wanted bicycles. We appreciate every donated bike that we get! Donate money…we always love that! Those funds help us repair the hundreds of bikes that we get from our amazing neighbors. But there are more ways that you can help our new nonprofit thrive. Buy a t-shirt and spread the word about what we do. Share a photo on social media of you and your friends wearing our shirts or hoodies. Volunteer your time, talent or expertise. Volunteer with a friend at one of our fundraisers by helping with the festivities. Are you mechanically inclined? Do you have a passion for fixing things? We would be thrilled if you can share with us your skills and knowledge of how to repair bicycles. Take a bike or two and have some fun breathing new life back into them.

Bicycle mechanic crop.jpg

These bikes are just waiting to be put into the hands of a child whose parents can’t afford one or into the hands of an adult who needs a bike as transportation to get to work or church. No matter how difficult you think your life is there’s always somebody who has challenges that are even tougher than yours are. Donating your time to others who are less fortunate truly makes an impact on their lives and it just feels good.

Boy learning how to ride bike.jpg

Time…we all know that is sometimes a hard thing to come by. But when you can spare just a little of it to offer your help, generosity and positivity, you will find it will come back to you tenfold. You can truly make a difference in someone’s life. From donating dollars to volunteering a little bit of your time, there are so many ways to share the gift of love, compassion and hope. It will only enrich your life. Be the change you want to see in the world. Recycle it forward!

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