Board Members


Our Board is comprised of a diverse group of community members who are business professionals, educators and leaders with expertise in a wide range of areas including medicine, the arts, training, advocacy, education and business development. We are looking for qualified people who believe in our cause and will help us take our nonprofit to the next level. If you think you'd like to join us, please email Deborah at

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Deborah Porretto


Deborah is a graphic artist, web designer and social media marketer. She is the sister-in-law to Brett, co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer and President of Brett’s Bicycle Recycle Inc. Deborah is in the temporary role as Treasurer as we continue to grow our nonprofit in search of the perfect person to take on that very important position on our board. Deborah’s true talents are with art, design and branding. She also enjoys assisting Lisa in refurbishing the bicycles with her artistic expertise in spray painting. Her Brett’s Bicycle Recycle logo has captured the attention of many and hopefully will be recognized throughout the Town of Huntington for years to come. Her mission is to give the simple but powerful gift of a bicycle to those in need in our Huntington community while keeping Brett’s memory and generous spirit alive.

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Lisa Karrer

Vice President

Lisa is our bicycle mechanic and the instructor of our Bicycle Maintenance & Mechanic Mentor Program. Lisa is the sister to Brett, co-founder and Vice President of Brett’s Bicycle Recycle Inc. Right now Lisa is the only experienced mechanic we have who is repairing the hundreds of bikes that we have collected. She is a patient teacher and so incredibly dedicated to our cause, always striving to make Brett proud. Lisa’s mission is to keep her younger and only brother Brett’s memory alive through our nonprofit work. Her goals and dreams are to make sure our nonprofit flourishes and that we continue to serve every single child and adult in need of a bicycle in our Huntington community.

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Kathy May Castillo

Community Liason

Kathy is a dedicated mom, grandmom and the Friday Captain at the Huntington Community First Aid Squad. She has an important role on our board being the person to introduce our nonprofit to Huntington residents. Everyone knows and loves Kathy. She is a town hero and someone who so many people respect and admire including Lisa and myself. That is why we know that Kathy is the perfect person for this position on our board. She is an educator at heart and she will school everyone about what our nonprofit is doing for those in need in our Huntington community and what we hope to accomplish in the years to come.

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Nancy Mustapich

Event Planner & Co-Fundraising Coordinator

Nancy is the co-owner of Supreme Trophies, a family-owned business in Melville. She has been a dear friend to us since we lost Brett. Nancy has lived and worked in the Town of Huntington all of her life so she knows just about everyone there is to know in our community. She is kind-hearted, extremely driven and the exact person we want in this very important role. Nancy understands that our nonprofit can’t reach it’s full potential unless we have funding and community support. We look forward to growing our nonprofit with Nancy taking the lead in this role. We know she will organize and produce many fun and successful fundraising events.

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Liam Mustapich

Event Planner & Co-Fundraising Coordinator

Liam is a student of the arts and a brilliant and talented man. We’ve known Liam since 2015, when our paths crossed, soon after we lost Brett. Liam has lived and worked in the Town of Huntington all of his life so he knows many people in the music, entertainment and art fields which makes Liam a very exciting addition to our board. We know he’ll organize many successful fundraising events and entertaining shows. We look forward to growing our nonprofit with Liam while he combines forces with his mom Nancy. These two amazing people are totally in sync with each other and have a bond that is undeniable. We know, that together, they’ll both bring our nonprofit to the next level.

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Lehti Laas

Community Outreach & Funding Coordinator

Lehti is a doctor and a volunteer at the Huntington Community First Aid Squad. She has a very important communications role on our board as the person who garners all available resources and reaches out to businesses and local elected officials and for their support, partnerships, sponsorships and funding. Lehti has many years of dedicated work and experience in community service in the Town of Huntington. She formed the Huntington Station Happy Helpers, in memory of her Mom and to commemorate Earth Day, which assists in cleaning up and beautifying our town. We look forward to growing our nonprofit with Lehti in this key community outreach and communications role.

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Cory Bolton

Volunteer Mechanic & Event Assistant

Cory is a student at the University of Michigan studying Biopsychology. He has demonstrated a passion for volunteerism and he is the first student of our Bicycle Maintenance & Mechanic Mentor Program. Cory has dedicated many hours of community service learning bicycle repair which is being taught by our Vice President and instructor Lisa. We’ve come to rely on Cory for his assistance at our community events. Because of his dedication and passion for giving back to the community we knew he would be a perfect fit for us and our nonprofit.