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Bicycle Maintenance & Mechanic Mentor Program

We started our Bicycle Mechanic Mentor Program in May of 2019. We are so happy to report that it was a huge success!!! Now we’re rolling right along to the start of our second season with our mentor program in the spring! If you have some time that you would like to share with us by fixing bicycles, sorting, disassembling bicycles and cleaning bicycles…we need you! You don’t have to be an expert. We we’ll show you how you can be hands on by prepping bikes for our event giveaways. These much needed bike parts that you will be salvaging will be used to repair other bikes. Right here is where you’ll find information and photos of all our volunteers who help us fix bicycles. On this page we will include all those who are currently participating in or have completed their participation in our Mentor Program. We’re offering our Bicycle Maintenance & Mechanic Mentor Program to girls, boys between the ages of 12-16 years old and also adults. We offer one-on-one mentor training or group sessions. Lisa Karrer is our mentor instructor. Brett would be so proud! 💚💙

We will also be spotlighting our volunteers who help fix bikes and who are so graciously dedicating many community hours of service to our nonprofit. If you want to become a volunteer to clean and sort bicycles or if you would like to be part of our Bicycle Maintenance & Mechanic Mentor Program please fill out the form below.

Check out our volunteers and participants!


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Lisa hard at work

This is where you can usually find Lisa. Hard at work fixing the hundreds of bicycles that we’ve collected. She shares her knowledge and skills fixing bikes to lucky kids and adults who want to learn to be a bike mechanic and who have a passion for volunteering for a great cause.


The art of spray painting. Yeah it’s a thing!

We worked together on this adorable bicycle. Deb disassembled and spray painted it and Lisa reassembled and made sure it was safe to ride!


Cory Bolton

Volunteer, Event Assistant to Board Member!

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Cory Bolton dedicated 60+ hours of community service to our nonprofit this summer! Most of those hours Cory spent learning basic bicycle mechanics like replacing tubes, chains, seats and grips from Instructor Lisa Karrer. He is our first student to complete the Brett’s Bicycle Recycle Bicycle Maintenance and Mechanics Mentor Program that we rolled out this summer. Cory not only successfully completed the program but he went above and beyond showing his passion for volunteerism and giving back to those less fortunate by sticking with us through the whole summer! Cory assisted us with bicycle pickups, bicycle donation deliveries and he helped us tremendously loading and unloading the truck at community events. He is dependable and trustworthy and we have come to rely on him. We truly enjoyed having him spend so much time with us these past few months. Both Lisa & I are so proud of everything he has accomplished in just 3 months! Cory we are so excited to have you as a member of our board and we look forward to having you back permanently to grow in your new position of Bicycle Mechanic and Event Assistant. Good luck Cory as you head back to the University of Michigan for your final year. We miss you already! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

 Lisa & Deb

Thank you guys for everything you’ve done for me this summer. I’m so glad I could be a part of your organization and help the community as well as making sure people remember Brett. Working with you this summer has been one of the most enjoyable and rewarding parts of my life. I love you and Deb and I know you’re gonna do great things while I’m gone.
— Cory Bolton

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.
— Author unknown

our volunteers

David & Olivia Martinez

David & Olivia Martinez

Cory Bolton

Cory Bolton

Tommy at our very first event!

Tommy at our very first event!

Unity is strength...when there is teamwork & collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.
— Mattie Stepanek


Our good friend Bill hosted a BBQ & Bicycle Fixing Event! His family and friends really came through for us fixing a ton of bikes and raising some money for our nonprofit.


Please contact us with the form below or call 516-672-1425 if you’re interested in signing up for our new FREE program!

Donations appreciated but not required for this mentor program.


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