Thank you to Councilman Mark Cuthbertson and the Town of Huntington!

We are truly appreciative of this proclamation in recognition of our community service.


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Being awarded this Proclamation by the Town of Huntington, after only 19 months in existence, is a tremendous honor! Lisa & I are so incredibly appreciative to be recognized for our community service. We made a promise to each other and to Brett that we would give the beginning years of our nonprofit total dedication to see if our program could really benefit people in our community. We modeled our nonprofit after a few very special organizations that we were inspired by. We never realized just how much joy we would get from serving our community. Today we are more committed than ever to assist all of our neighbors in need and extend a helping hand with the simple but powerful gift of a bicycle. We are thankful and so excited to continue on with the enormous amount of work we have ahead of us to allow Brett’s Bicycle Recycle soar to even greater heights in our brother’s memory. 

 Deborah & Lisa

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Please read the Huntington Now article!

We go on tour with HEART, well just one show, but we're on their tour!!!

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Lisa & I are so incredibly excited and totally honored to have been personally chosen by Ann & Nancy Wilson of HEART to be a participating community nonprofit organization in the REVERB Action Village at the HEART & JOAN JETT show at Northwell Health at Jones Beach on Thursday, Sept. 26th!!! OMG!!! For all of you who know us, you know we are huge HEART fans and we’re so dedicated to our nonprofit in memory of our brother Brett. This is a match made in heaven and truly a dream come true!!! We thank Ann & Nancy of Heart and Reverb for this amazing opportunity for Brett’s Bicycle Recycle to highlight the important work that we do in our community. Our table will be located in the main concourse. Come join us and be a part of this once in a lifetime opportunity!!!


Musicians open their fans’ hearts and minds. REVERB is there at that key moment between fans and their favorite bands: concerts.

REVERB and Heart are teaming up for the band’s 2019 Love Alive Tour! We are thrilled to be working with the Wilson sisters to create positive impact for people and the planet while reducing the tour’s environmental footprint.

Come visit us at the REVERB Action Village at the @Heartofficial show! We’re thrilled to be working with @Reverb_org to encourage fans to take action for people and the planet.

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WABC TV News Video Shoot! Long Island non-profit 'Brett's Bicycle Recycle' brings bikes back to life for a good cause.

We were so excited that Alex Ciccarone from WABC News reached out to us to do a Video Segment. Here are a few photos and now HERE IS THE VIDEO!!!

Read the article here.

Huntington Matters Gives Back & Adams Cyclery Pays It Forward!

Brett’s Bicycle Recycle is excited and so incredibly honored to be the winner of the Huntington Matters Gives Back online Facebook Poll for May 2019. We were nominated alongside two very deserving local, nonprofits Camp Good Mourning and Splashes of Hope. Both nonprofits have been doing wonderful things in our Huntington community for so many years. Camp Good Mourning provides a free overnight bereavement camp program for grieving Long Island children who are coping with the loss of a parent and/or sibling. Splashes of Hope is dedicated to transforming the environments of hospitals with custom hand-painted murals which are designed to comfort patients during treatment, healing and recovery by providing a soothing and uplifting visual focus. 

Our AWESOME prize is $500 worth of much needed bicycle parts and bicycle cleaners from Adams Cyclery. Little did we know that we would get an even BIGGER surprise!!! Adams Cyclery matched that $500 prize and THEN threw $500 worth of helmets in so we drove away with our hearts filled with gratitude and love AND our truck filled with a total of  $1,500 worth of bicycle goodies!!! OMG! We want to send a HUGE thank you to Denise & Chuck, the owners of Adams Cyclery. Adams Cyclery is celebrating 70 years serving East Northport, the Town of Huntington and all of Long Island. The story of their family owned business is fascinating. Stop by and ask Denise to tell you how they came to be such an important part of the history of the Town of Huntington. Over the past year Denise & Chuck have reached out to us continuously to offer their support, donate a beautiful bicycle, donate bicycle supplies and offer to let us borrow their van for community events. All of that is a testament to what good, caring and generous people they are. Their friendship and partnership means so much to us. Adams Cyclery will always be our go to shop for all our bicycle necessities. 

 So after this AMAZING day we want to thank our Huntington community, Huntington Subaru (corporate sponsor), Adams Cyclery and everyone at Huntington Matters Gives Back especially June Margolin. June, our Facebook Live rockstar, made all this possible, giving the whole community the opportunity to be involved in the excitement. Huntington Matters Gives Back is a great program that puts a spotlight on all the great work our local 501(c)(3) nonprofits are doing in our community. We also want to send a BIG thank you to Nancy & Liam from Supreme Trophies for jumping on this crazy train and for making the two beautiful engraved plaques that we gave to Adams Cyclery and Huntington Matters Gives Back. Every single person involved is contributing to making our Huntington community the place where we are proud to live. Thank you for supporting all of Brett’s Bicycle Recycle’s efforts to give back to the community that we love so much! THANK YOU!

 Deb & Lisa

HuntingtonNow article here.

Bicycles donated to happy kids at the Helping Hand Rescue Mission!

Today was a very special day. I couldn’t help but feel emotional as we pulled away from the Helping Hand Rescue Mission. We were overwhelmed with the feeling that we are actually doing positive things in our community for those less fortunate. It feels really good to know that our nonprofit is starting to make a difference. We want to thank Kim for all of the amazing things she does for our community. As we spoke today I couldn’t help but think how proud your mom must be of you and your dedication to carry her torch and her legacy. Thanks for letting Brett’s Bicycle Recycle be a part of this fun Set For Summer Family Fun Day! Thanks to Pam Robinson from Huntington Now for your constant support and advice! Thank you to Nancy & Liam from Supreme Trophies for your help, friendship, support and for agreeing to jump on board this crazy train! It was a great day of big smiles of innocent, young faces whose lives will be changed by the simple gift of a bicycle. Thank you all!

More adorable photos here!

A successful, fun and informative community event!!! 

It was a great day at the Huntington Community First Aid Squad! We gave away 35+ bicycles and helmets and met some amazing families and adorable, happy kids!!! We are so thankful to our community for embracing us and everything we’re trying to accomplish in our community all in our brother’s memory. We want to thank everyone who came by to see us, to donate bicycles and to help and offer their assistance. Thank you Cory for loading and unloading the trucks…you were a lifesaver (backsaver)! Thank you Kathy, Lehti and the gang at the First Aid Squad for letting us be part of this awesome event. We also want to give a big shoutout to June Margolin from Huntington Matters for donating her son’s very cool green bike and for invterviewing us on Facebook LIVE!! Fun!!!

We want to extend a very special thank you Kristina and her beautiful family who donated their bicycles in memory of Kristina’s sister Laryssa. Please visit her page to see everything they are doing in her memory Ducks4Laryssa.

Check out all our photos from the event!

Now De’Andre Can Earn His Merit Badge!

Thank you so much Kerri for letting us be a part of this touching story. We were so incredibly happy to be able to donate this bicycle to De’Andre. Thank you for your kind words! We hope you both enjoy your bikes! 

“You made a ten year olds dream come true!!  Words can not express the gratitude we have!!  De’Andre will now be able to earn his merit badge and bike with his Boy Scout Troop all because of what you do!!  THANK YOU!!!” - Kerri 

Earth Day 2019 in Huntington!

It was a great day at the Town of Huntington Family Earth Day Expo! We met some amazing people and made some great connections. We were so thrilled to meet Huntington Councilman Mark Cuthbertson and NYS Senator Jim Gaughran! Thank you both for your kind words about what we are trying to do in our beautiful community. We look forward to making a difference in our community with you. 💚🖤 Thank you Michele Leva Martines for all your help and support of our nonprofit. It’s because of your introductions to the leaders in our town that this all happened!! The cutie pictured below is Nick. He was the lucky winner of the Huffy Green Machine raffle at our BBR Booth! Lisa & I want to give a special shoutout to our amazing friends Tina and Jean for coming by to show us some love!!!