Heart & Joan Jett were Rockin’ Heaven Down!

Wow Thursday was an incredible day…and night!!! It took me awhile to gather my thoughts and emotions. The afternoon started off with great friends and family sharing in our excitement in the anticipation of the evening. Thank you Nancy, Liam, Kathy and Mom for all of your help and support throughout the day and for being by our side the whole way.

Lisa and I were so excited to meet up with our Reverb contact person Brande who was super cool. Brande introduced the nonprofits and volunteers to each other. A storm was about to roll into Jones Beach which brought incredible wind gusts, perhaps it was a Mistral Wind, but magically the rain never came. Instead there was an orange glow of the setting sun on the beautiful Long Island horizon. That was a sign we were going to step into the night and we’d be Rockin’ Heaven Down!

We met so many great people including volunteers from Harry Chapin’s foundation WhyHunger. WhyHunger has been doing great work for years so we felt honored to be the nonprofit right alongside them in the Reverb Eco-Village. We had the amazing opportunity to share the story of our nonprofit and all the things we’re trying to do in our Huntington community in memory of our brother Brett.

Joan Jett, my idol. A tough, rocker chick fronting a band of guys. She’s been my inspiration for that unmistakable bad ass attitude that I needed to channel so many times in my life. When I needed to find my confidence in tough situations I would always say to myself “What would Joan do?” I usually got my answer really quick!

Heart, the band that has absolutely shaped both of our lives. Two strong women trailblazing the way for women in the music industry. Their lyrics and music soothe us, move us and rock us to our core and has guided us throughout our lives. So this incredible honor of being selected to be a nonprofit in the Reverb Eco-Village on the Heart tour is almost unbelievable. We thank you Ann & Nancy for ALL of this.

Finally an incredibly big thank you to all of our Huntington Matters friends! Wow you guys are part of the reason why I was so emotional all day today. Reflecting on just how moved we are by your constant support of our growing nonprofit and for your friendship. You are there for us as a group as well as each of you in your own individual ways. You care so much about our Huntington community and you all are doing great things to help, support and improve our beautiful town. Thank you for sharing your talents, your donations, your time, your kindness and for spreading the word about Brett’s Bicycle Recycle and our mission.

All we can really say after a night like that is thank you….and ROCK ME HOME!