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Brett’s Bicycle Recycle was founded in January of 2017 after the tragic death of our brother Brett Rainey on May 15, 2015 while riding his motorcycle on Route 110 near his and our home in Huntington Station. Brett had a love for life and a passion for anything that he could ride. Riding was freedom for him. He loved to ride anything from BMX bikes, skateboards, 4-wheelers and of course motorcycles. He was an experienced motorcyclist, riding since he was 5 when he got his first motorcycle. Brett had a heart of gold and would go above and beyond to help his family and friends in any way he could. After Brett’s death, our Huntington community showed us so much compassion, love and support. Now we want to give back to our amazing community. We are trying to make Brett’s generosity and passion for riding live on with Brett’s Bicycle Recycle while helping to raise awareness about roadway safety and the dangers of left-hand turns.



We collect. We repair. We donate. We’re dedicated to recycling bicycles forward to underserved kids, teens and adults in our Huntington, NY community.


Our Mission

In Brett’s memory we collect, we repair, we donate. We accept your no longer needed bicycles, skateboards, scooters and tricycles. Our main bicycle mechanic is Lisa Karrer, Brett’s sister and co-founder of our nonprofit. Lisa makes sure that the bicycles we donate are all safe for riding. We also recruit neighborhood volunteers to help fix the hundreds of bikes that we receive. We then donate these recycled bicycles forward into our Huntington, New York, community to the underserved but very deserving kids, teens and adults.

We hold several annual bicycle safety events where we donate multiple bicycles to the community. This event is focused on safety with giveaways like locks, reflectors and helmets to anyone in the community who attends the event. We feature demonstrations in safe bicycle riding, bike maintenance, helmet fittings and hands-only CPR by trained local first responders.

We focus on the importance of teaching roadway safety awareness for both bicycles and motorcycles, emphasizing the deadly hazards of left-hand turns to smaller vehicles like motorcycles and bicycles.

Donations go toward bicycle repairs, safety awareness training, the purchase of a vehicle for bicycle collections and acquiring and growing a physical location to be the heart of our bicycle recycling project.



Long Island non-profit 'Brett's Bicycle Recycle' brings bikes back to life for a good cause.

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“You and Deb inspired me to help others. I started collecting food for a food pantry near us. Every month I’m going to take the kids with me to donate food. I want them to learn how to help others.”

– Laura Tracy (Brett’s Sister)


To date, Brett’s Bicycle Recycle has donated over 300 bicycles to so many deserving kids and families in our Huntington community right here on beautiful Long Island.

Some of these kids never even rode a bike.
To see their faces when they get them is healing.
— Lisa Karrer, Co-founder Brett's Bicycle Recycle


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Statistics show that most motorcycle accidents happen when a car is making left-hand turn in front of riders. The car driver often hits the rider while the motorcycle is going through an intersection or passing a car. Because cars are larger and more prominent on the road than motorcycles, the brain does not perceive the motorcycle as a threat and the driver does not SEE the motorcycle.


We’re selling our newly redesigned removable adhesive bumperstickers at our events to raise awareness about the deadly hazards of left-hand turns to smaller vehicles like bicycles and motorcycles. Designed by Deborah in memory of Brett Rainey.



WATCH FOR MOTORCYCLES!!  Help raise awareness of how deadly left-hand turns can be.  Purchase our original design  here!


Help raise awareness of how deadly left-hand turns can be.

Purchase our original design here!

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  • To date we've received over 1,200 bicycles, skateboards and scooters

  • To date we have donated over 350 bicycles to families in our community

  • We received a Source The Station grant
    to hold our bicycle safety event (2017)

  • We held our first Annual Brett's Bicycle Recycle Safety Event (2017)

  • We received a donation of 25 used bicycles from Stony Brook University

  • We had several very successful bicycle giveaway FB campaigns

  • We had our 1st and 2nd annual T-Shirt campaigns in 2017 and 2018

  • We are raising awareness about roadway safety one t-shirt at a time

  • TV appearances on Fios1 Push Pause, News12 Long Island and CBS2 News New York

  • Bill’s Backyard BBQ fundraiser & bike fixing event

  • Huntington Awareness Day Unity in the Community bicycle giveaway (30 bicycles donated)

  • Bicycles donated to the beautiful children at the Helping Hand Rescue Mission

  • Bowling for Brett’s Bicycle Recycle Holiday Fundraiser - A successful first official fundraiser

  • Donated 10 bicycles and 15 helmets to the Friends of Huntington Station Latin Quarter Annual Toy Drive (2018)

  • We donated 35+ free bicycles and helmets to the community at the HCFAS Open House

  • We donated 15 raffled bicycles to the Helping Hand Rescue Mission

  • WABC NEWS TV Localish segment aired nationwide, over 47K online views

  • We hit 400 Facebook LIKES

  • We had a successful Facebook Live event receiving $500 from Huntington Matters Gives Back and $1,000 from Adams Cyclery for a total of $1,500 in prize winnings

  • $700 CBA Community Grant from Renaissance Downtowns, the Town of Huntington and Source The Station

  • We were chosen by Ann & Nancy Wilson of Heart as a community nonprofit to participate in the Reverb Eco-Village at the Heart/Joan Jett show at the Jones Beach Theater

  • We were recognized by The Town of Huntington with proclamations for our community service (Aug. 2019)

  • Successful completion of the first season of our Mentor Program (Sept. 2019)

  • Huntington Awareness Day Unity in the Community 2019 bicycle giveaway (40 bicycles, 30 helmets donated)

  • Collected 110 bikes at Councilman Ed Smyth’s Bike Collection Drive

  • Participated in the Reverb Eco-Village at the Heart/Joan Jett show at the Jones Beach Theater alongside WhyHunger Harry Chapin Foundation (Sept. 2019)

  • Awarded a $500 Goldstein Grant from The Townwide Fund of Huntington

Our brother, Brett Rainey, doing what he loved.

Our brother, Brett Rainey, doing what he loved.